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How to Care For Your Lawn For Better Performance A glance is all you need to see if a lawn is healthy or not. In most cases it will be smooth and you can call it a lush green carpet. A lot of activities can be done in a good lawn and it would also be an attractive site around your home. To have a beautiful and attractive lawn a number of secrets are entailed. Understanding the tips below will help you get a healthy and beautiful lawn in a very short time. The basics herein include watering, soil setting, lawn shaving and mowing and last but not least how you feed and weed your lawn. There is much adventure in planting a new lawn just like others that could be very interesting. All that matters is how good you choose to do your planting despite the fact of the type of planting method you choose to use. Keep your soil of weeds and avoid lusty ruts. These could be formed if the soil compacts or crusts over and it sure is a bad thing if you are looking for ways to get a healthy lawn. Testing the soil pH is one of the results of this problem but again a lot of people ignore it. A lot of people avoid this process and the outcome is as bad as you expect. The above discussed process can be singled out as soil setting. Shaving and haircut should also be done in the best way possible. When good mowing heights are observed a lot of benefits are bound to come a long too. There is a possibility that the grass cut shorter will be stressed more even though you might not understand. The best height to mow is the top third of the grass. The root development is likely to be better is the grass is a bit taller. The height of the taller grass is likely to prevent the weed seeds from developing due to blockage from the sun. If you think that cutting the grass shorter will save you time until you shave it next then you are wrong. Most of the lost tissues will be replaced in the grass within a very short time.
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Another very important aspect of keeping a superb lawn is water. It will be well if you water your lawn at least once a week. Be sure to make the watering deep if you are going to do it once. Make sure that the soil receives water to its deeper eights. A soaked soil will encourage the roots to grow deeper in the soil.
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Even though you might have a very healthy lawn make sure that you feed it with solid food. The best way to do this is to ensure that you add fertilizer to your lawn during spring and at fall. Dolomitic lime could also be a good thing for every few years.